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Just like a car dashboard, a software application dashboard also visually displays the most critical and real time information. This is often required by users to take timely decisions. The manager dashboard not only cuts down the manual administrative efforts and improve operational efficiencies but also help in responding to changes faster in the dynamic business environments of today.

The need to integrate data from multiple data sources has given rise to the use of dashboards. Without dashboards, the decision makers have to build and update data from various sources, which is a time consuming and tedious activity and in many cases is not possible at all.

Naturally, the quality of the data that your people are accessing is of fundamental importance but the dashboard experience itself can have a significant influence on how they perceive the data quality

Benefits listed below:

  • Access to key workforce metrics
  • Identify workforce trends
  • Data segmentation
  • Secure data
  • Extract business intelligence
  • Designed for integration
  • Data marts for rapid business intelligence
  • Intuitive drill-down

With any HRMS system, employees and managers of all levels access HR data via dashboard or portal; and this is where the quality of the user experience is essential, becoming a defining factor in the success of the system.

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